The representation of peace in painting and sculpture

Photo The representation of peace in painting and sculpture

The UNESCO Gallery has displayed a large collection of works of art since its creation in Paris. The art gallery shows master pieces from notable artists like Picasso, Appel, Chillida, and other. Apart from that, peace sculptures are set up in many parts of the world.

Some artists and country leaders have donated paintings and sculptures to UNESCO as a token of peace. The objective is to enhance the effort to keep international security and peace. This article is a highlight on some of the paintings and sculptures by peace artists to preserve global harmony.

The representation of peace in painting and sculpture

Ram and Horse

Ram and Horse are stone sculptures designed by a traditional Azerbaijani artist in the 12th and 13th centuries. They are respectively 132 x 139,5 cm and 147 x 23,5 cm. The sculptures were given to UNESCO in order to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Republic of Azerbaijan in October 2012. The sculptures show animals in their waiting positions. The head of the sheep is shaped with carved horns.

However, the animal's legs and neck are not carved appropriately, because they look like rectangular stones. The sculptures of peace were intended to commemorate deceased relatives on burial places, in cemeteries, in mountains or in other areas of the country.

The Image of Liberty, 1991

The Image of Liberty was designed by the artist Bram Bogart (1921 – 2012). The flamboyant image for the painting is designed on a 96.5 X 107 cm oil canvas, showing primary colors, representing the symbol of peace. The piece of art has been considered among the UNESCO's collection of art since April 1993. Bram Bogart is from Belgium and he donated the painting to UNESCO in 1991.

Dance of the Amazon Women (1995)

The painting showing the Dance of the Amazon Women is a work of art of Julien Sinzogan (1957- ). It was painted on gouache and Indian Ink on a 63 x 99 cm paper. The President of Benin presented the painting to UNESCO when he visited its headquarters in 1995.

The painting shows 6 Amazonia ladies from Benin in their traditional attire. Sinzogan's masterpiece is unique because the painting's background consists of a grid-like pattern, which gives the painting of the women in a patchwork or grid effect. The women seem to be marching together.

‘Peace is Possible' mural by Ben Eine (2018)

Prem Rawat is a promoter of peace and advocates human rights by spreading words of peace to the world. He is devoted to peace education and has taken initiatives to carry out philanthropic acts to do good to humanity. Among the messages of peace by the ambassador, the appealing phrase ‘Peace is Possible' is painted on a mural by the artist Ben Eine.

It is characterized by its catchy colorful letters on the Peace Wall in London, UK. Youth violence rate has risen dramatically in London and in other big cities in the United Kingdom. Prem Rawat aims to put and end to such violence. His vibrant words of peace can be found on the walls of Shoreditch House which is located along Ebor Street in East London.