Discover these artists against violence

Photo Discover these artists against violence

The United Nations has promoted global harmony through arts by collecting works of art from artists from all over the world. The artists aim at sharing messages of peace and putting an end to violence through paintings, sculptures, and even through words of peace. For example, in some peace movies, instead of using weapons to fight their enemy, antagonists show their thumbs up.

Another use of arts to send out messages of peace is like what we see on Douma streets in Syria. There, bombs and bullets have surprisingly been used in works of art. This somehow conveys the possibility of peace through arts. That is exactly why Prem Rawat, an ambassador of peace, shares in his messages of peace that peace can be attained. To learn more about Prem, visit 

Discover some artists who act against violence

Panmela Castro (26 June 1981)  

Panmela Castro is a street artist and a peace activist from Brazil. She is focused on speaking out against domestic violence and women abuses. She was raised in the suburbs of Rio de Janeiro and the love for street art is deeply rooted in her. She is fascinated in graffiti painting and in advocating the rights of women who have suffered from atrocities and prejudice.

Castro hopes that by writing her messages on murals, it is possible to reach a broader audience. Under the artist name "Anarkia", she paints graffiti on the city walls and in other placesto promote non-violence to women. She is concerned with targeting a large number of viewers so that women abuse will be put to end.

Carlos Cruz-Diez (17 August 1923 - 27 July 2019)

Carlos Cruz-Diez was a kinetic artist and a painter from Venezuela. He was born in Caracas, Argentina. He was renowned for his outstanding artistic talent in using arrays of colors. He initiated talking about life in slums and poverty in his paintings. His colorful painting which combines orange, red, green and black stripes are used to depict different kinds of settings.

In his works of art, he aims at conveying the muted violence in the modern world, without making the message quite visible unless the targeted viewer takes some time to understand it. In fact, each of his paintings conveys a message about peace and non-violence. They are not merely amazingly beautiful, colorful paintings.

Ben Eine (23 August 1970)

Ben Eine used to be a graffiti artist; however, he turned out to be a typographic artist. Thanks to his talent, Eine has already joined the renowned street artist Banksy. In 2010, the Prime Minister David Cameron saw Eine'sout standing work and decided to present one of his masterpieces to President Barack Obama.

In 2018, the artist painted Prem Rawat's words of peace which says "Peace is Possible" on the walls of Shoreditch House in East London. The latter is a peace ambassador who transmits messages of peace to the world. He induces people to act peacefully through his TPRF Foundation. As Eine has become a notable artist in mural painting, he travels around the world to use his talent to paint vibrant words on walls.