Focus on these singers committed against violence

Photo Focus on these singers committed against violence

Some peace advocates promote global harmony through messages of peace. Others nurture the culture of peace to enhance peace in the world. On the other hand, peace messengers like Prem Rawat, who is an ambassador of peace and founder of the TPRF Foundation, inspires people to attain peace through education.

Apart from that, Songs about peace are popular as they can efficiently transmit the message to the world. In other words, singing is another proficient strategy to induce people into peacekeeping. Read and discover some singers who are committed to end violence.

Tarrus Riley - born on 26 April 1981

His real name is Omar Riley, he was born in the Bronx, New York, USA. Tarrus Riley is Jamaican-American and he is famous for being a reggae singer. In fact, he is involved with the Rastafari movement. He promotes peace by speaking out on crime and violence. He believes in the power of music to make an impact for the establishment of peace around the world.

Music can be transmitted from a country to another, which guarantees a success in the transmission of the messages of peace. He shares his voice to denounce domestic violence and visits schools to inform students about the issues.

Jane Constance - born in 2000

Jane Constance was born in Mauritius in 2000. She was born with visual challenges. She took up piano lessons in her childhood and was invited to sing at the Royal School of Music in London (UK). She is concerned with advocating the rights of physically deprived people.

Her initiative at an early age has made a great impact as it is a calling to give consideration to people with disabilities. The young singer is awarded the honorable title of the UNESCO Artist for Peace.

Zarifa Mgoyan - born on 26 July 1983

Zarifa Mgoyan is known as Zara and is a pop singer and actress. Zara belongs to the Emeritus of the Russian Federation. The singer is deeply committed to participating in programs which support physically impaired people. Zara advocates partaking in charity acts and works for the promotion of the rights of the disabled people.

The philanthropic acts which she engaged in target children who are hard of hearing and visually deprived. Her efforts to raise global awareness of how challenging it is to live with such disabilities made United Nations gave her the noble title of the UNESCO Artist for Peace.

This year, Zara will give a live performance on Disability Day, which will take place in Paris. Other physical challenged artists will also take part in the live concert. Some renowned singers will accompany her with the ensemble called "Singing Hands". Apart from that, the UNESCO Artist for Peace will promote love and friendship in many languages including French, English, Russian, Serbian, and even in sign language.

Like the ambassador of peace Prem Rawat, Zara believes that by offering love and support to the challenged individuals, we can promote changes to the world. His foundation gives peace education to prisoners through the application installed in electronic tablets in order to make them understand the importance of living at peace.