What You Need To Know About STD Testing

STD testing is a medical testing used to identify whether one has a sexually transmitted disease. However, there is no single standard test used to determine the kind of STD a person is suffering from. There are very many reasons why you should go for an STD testing.

Anybody who is sexually active should ensure they receive routine STD testing. This does not only refer to people who take part in vaginal intercourse but people who participate in a sexual activity of any kind. The risk of contracting STD is high among those with more than one sexual partner.

STD testing can be done at a local lab or a doctor’s office. There are very many types of STDs and different ways of testing. Some of the most common tests include urine, blood tests, and cell samples. Depending on possible symptoms and sexual history, your doctor may have to take multiple tests.

The medical professional will take the sample and look at it under the microscope. He or she will then mix it with another substance or use some other scientific processes to help identify any infections if they are present.

The test will help you determine if you have any symptoms that may lead to STD. after you have been tested, you may recommend an STD testing for your partner especially if you are planning to get married or if you want to have a baby.

Expectant mothers may have to undergo testing in order to protect the baby. Before donating blood, an STD testing will be carried out to ensure that the blood donated is not infected to avoid passing any infections to the recipient.

The doctor will recommend that you undergo STD testing for Chlamydia, Cervical cancer, gonorrhea and HIV. However, if you are pregnant you need to undergo STD testing to check if you have Syphilis, Hepatitis B, bacterial vaginosis and HIV.

These tests are mostly carried out during the first prenatal check up. Doctors will also recommend undergoing another test during the third trimester to help ensure that you have not contracted any infections in between visits.

STD testing is very important. As with many diseases, the sooner it is done, the better it is. This is because of the fact that if earlier discovered, it will be easier to treat. If you have any symptoms of a sexually transmitted disease it is good to have yourself and your partner tested.  I would suggest heading to the place that has worked for me well, STD testing in Louisville. Though it might be far away from some of you, they had the best service and were very kind. 

If you have more than one sexual partner, go for STD testing yearly. STD testing will help protect your partner’s health and the health of your future partners too. This is because most of the people who transmit STDs mostly don’t know that they have it. That is why a simple test is very important.

Most males are usually afraid of going for testing because they think that it involves a painful procedure like inserting a tube into the penis. However, this is not true since the doctors in most cases only require you to take blood samples or urine.

Most of the people are concerned about confidentiality and think that others may know their condition. However, there is no need for you to worry since the results will be kept confidential between you and your doctor. The testing process is coded and some STD clinics will not archive the results.

STD testing is only carried out with the consent of the patient. It is not included in any general or annual check-ups. Never trust self-testing kits online or over the counter kits because they may lead to wrong results and make you believe that you are not infected when in fact you may be infected.

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